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Farm La Renaia, Cortona | Agriturismo in Tuscany

The Farm

Once upon a time there was a water mill

Our origin
A 400-year history

Back in XVII century, along the road leading from Cortona to Ossaia in an hamlet called “Renaia”, a water mill was set-up to support the collection of wheat and the production of flour.

The hamlet’s original central block has been transformed starting from mid of XVIII century when the down-floor has been transformed in sheds for Chianina cows, horse and donkey shed and deposit for barouches, dedicating the upper floors to the farmers family (what is now “Loggia” and “Grande” apartments).

In 1959 the farm was redeemed by Lazzeri Family that lived there up to late ‘70s.

Farm La Renaia, Cortona | Agriturismo in Tuscany
Farm La Renaia, Cortona | Agriturismo in Tuscany

The renovation
Bravery and concentration

In the ‘90s, thanks to the brave decision of the head of the house Dino Lazzeri, the renovation-work started and brought the entire farm back to its primitive local stone appearance, removing all additions which altered the farm’s original appearance. Under his patient supervision vaults, old bricks, hearths and ancient and time-worn stones came back to light.

In August 1999, Carola (the daughter of Dino and Maria) opened the doors of the Agriturismo to the first guests that started to enter our countryside life in a part of the word blessed by God and kissed by history.

Agricultural production
Autenticity in your dish

Family’s agricultural production didn’t stop with the touristic initiative: today we still produce olive oil, cereals (wheat, corn, sunflower, barley), melons, water melons, tomatoes, pumpkins, cucumbers, zucchini, cabbage, fennel and many other vegetables. We also have some fruit trees.

It is possible to grab directly from the plant a peach, a water melon, an apple, tomatoes... based on availability! Our pantry is in the garden, not in supermarket. And in case of need, we can ask support to other local farmers.

Farm La Renaia, Cortona | Agriturismo in Tuscany


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